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I think im done with the bottom lip? Yeah. Cool. im likin it

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ART: Shipping Containers Painted With Greek God and Goddess Murals by Pichi & Avo

Spanish street art duo, Pichi & Avo’s participation in the North West Walls street art festival in Belgium resulted in this staggering, jaw-dropping mural.

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Monks’ corridor at the Capuchins’ Catacombs, Italy

Forget the spreadsheet, here’s an easy flowchart to know if a women owes you sex

Microsoft Excel took a turn for the explicit this week when the Internet learned the once-innocuous office tool was being used in a dispiriting new bro-trend: using the software to track of the number of times their partners refuse sex. Yes, #sexspreadsheets are a thing, presumably because some men still believe that owning of a penis entitles them to unlimited sexy times.
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